Reasons Why People Fail to Lose Weight, and How You Can Overcome the Weight-Loss Barrier

Have you been trying your hardest to lose weight but to no avail? You may be experiencing a weight loss barrier that occurs to thousands of people everyday. Find out the top 3 reasons why most people fail to lose weight effectively. Read on to achieve your weight loss break through now!

No 1. Reason : Wrong Mindset

One critical mistake is that most people often treat dieting as a short term goal rather than a lifestyle. When you perceive dieting a a temporary thing, your subconscious mind would only allow you to diet for at most 3 days, before you revert back to your old poor eating habits. This would result in you gaining back the weight (or even more) that you have lost, this is also known as yoyo dieting or weight cycling. Therefore, you should focus on incorporating healthy eating and changing your long-term lifestyle habits instead. This would help you to both lose weight effectively and to maintain it.

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No. 2 Reason: Unaware of their calorie intake

People may tend to overlook the amount of calories they are getting, often due to either ignorance or negligence. Start having a calorie notebook and jot down your calories intake for the day. To find out how much calories in certain foods, you can go to It is a extremely useful site that I personally use. An average adult should consume around 2000 to 2500 calories. To achieve quick weight loss results, I suggest maintaining your calorie intake at about 1500- 1700 calories. Do not fall below 1200 calories, as you would be depriving your body of the essential nutrients. Just for your information, a glass of beer has the same amount of calories as a bowl of rice. And to your surprise, Caesar Salad can pack calories equivalent to TWO BIG MACS!

No 3. Reason: Procrastination and excuses

Procrastination and excuses create a huge stumbling block to our weight loss goal. One major excuse people like to give themselves is oh, I shall start my diet on Monday, since I already had a poor diet this weekend or I guess its OK for dinner to be unhealthy since I already destroyed my dieting plans for the day by having an unhealthy lunch. This is absolutely a TERRIBLE excuse to give yourself. It is natural for people to sometimes consume slightly more calories at certain times of the day. In this case, you should be eating less for dinner to make up for the unhealthy lunch, and not continue to screw up the rest of the day (simple logic, but often overlooked as people LOVE excuses). So keep that in mind, and be aware of the excuses you like to give yourself.

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