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Faulty weight programs will keep appearing as long as people are willing to pay for supposed marvelously fast and no effort methods to shed extra pounds. While most fad diets fail to be efficacious and quickly fall to the wayside, some have been around for a long time.

Weight loss scams greatly outnumber each accredited weight loss method or product by 100 to 1. The following list, while grossly incomplete, is representative of some of the most famous weight loss scams. While these offers may sound tempting, they are a waste of your money and your time.

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There are several weight loss drinks on the market that claim to help you lose up to 10 pounds. This diet--the drink, by the way, is sold under different brand names--requires the consumer to ingest several bottles a day of an orange or red drink and nothing else.

In a 24 to 28 hour period, the manufacturers claim you can shed up to ten pounds. Does it do the job? It does appear to work. While it is possible to lose that amount of weight that quickly, the manufacturers fail to tell you that the weight lost is merely water weight that will be gained back once you return to your normal eating and drinking habits. It is prudent to avoid weight loss programs that promise big results in a short amount of time. The diets are most assuredly are not healthy because just one food item can't possibly provide all of the nutrients you need for health.

One method, that was once extremely popular in past and is still around, promised that you could exercise using electronic pads that could be attached to your stomach area. The pads could be put anywhere on your body over a muscle and would deliver low voltage electric shocks to cause your muscles to contract and then relax.

The product promised that you could build up your muscles without actually exercising or lifting weights. This product offers fraudulent results that only those who are easily taken in would believe. While the concept of the product was plausible, in practice, the product fell short.

On the shelves today there is a vast plethora of herbal supplements that promise to help you lose weight. The FDA does not regulate herbal products, so, by not labeling their weight loss aids as a medicine the manufacturers can avoid regulation. The government has become aware of this loophole, and is, thankfully, starting to issue enforced guidelines for these companies.

Herbal supplements, while ineffective on their own, can aid weight loss when used in combination with healthy eating habits and exercising regularly. It is probably a safe wager that drug companies worldwide are attempting to formulate the first ever healthy and safe weight loss pill because of the high stakes involved financially.

Weight loss scams are easily avoided if you are not convinced by sensational claims or seductive advertising. The old way, eating properly and exercise still works wonders.

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