Quick Weight Loss - Don't Despair, It's Easy

In the quick weight loss world, deception reigns. Finding someone you can trust to dispense honest advice may be a challenge. I sincerely hope that you find this information filled with real answers and support. If you, however, are the "instant gratification" type who's looking for the next pill to try and "cheat" your metabolism, my quick weight loss tips will not interest you.

Weight Loss Is NOT Hard

I think the main misconception that keeps many women from even starting on the journey to quick weight loss success is that weight loss has to be hard. That you've got to give up all the things you enjoy. Chocolate. Wine. Carbs. That simply is not so. In fact, sometimes it's actually EASIER to make a healthy choice. For example, for dinner, oftentimes I will put out an array of veggies (don't even have to cook them!) and some protein source, grilled.

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That's pretty fast and very little dishes to clean. See what I mean? That's really healthy, really easy. Here's another example: For lunch today, I had a handful of tamari seasoned pumpkin seeds, handful of wasabi peas, couple of organic raspberries, and some cantaloupe. I was busy and didn't want to make a big production. I will probably have a handful of cashews later, or perhaps a slice of natural cheese with half a serving of whole grain crackers. These are such simple mini-meals that you could quickly eat at your desk, on the run, or with the kids. An apple is an extremely good choice, too. So portable, not very messy.

BONUS: Weight Loss Is NOT Miserable

And the additional bonus to all this easy, healthy eating is that I can very nicely squeeze in a glass (or two!) of wine indulgence and still be on track. So you see, you don't have to give up all of your guilty pleasures.

I do believe most people know a little about healthy eating. If you decided to commit to a healthier lifestyle, you probably could make meal selections fairly well. When posed the questions "Cauliflower or cake?" I think we all know the answer. That is oversimplifying to a degree. I could inundate you with a ton of information, but if you are sticking with natural foods like fruits and vegetables, you'll be on track.

Quick side note: Just because you buy it at Whole Foods doesn't mean it's good for you. I recently bought some crackers there, and was rather ticked off when I discovered there was quite a lot of a form of MSG in them. Which is why I am typically very vigilant about reading the labels before I buy. Sometimes, if the kids are fussing, screaming, or otherwise testing my patience, I opt to just toss things in the cart and get the heck out! You know how it is.

Remember: Cake or Cauliflower?

Anyway, don't let yourself get overwhelmed by all the choices. For now, just remember "Cake or Cauliflower?" and don't overthink things. The best way to judge a label is, if there are a number of items in the ingredients that you can't pronounce and don't sound like food, then it probably isn't and I'd recommend putting it right back on the shelf.

If you could really use some guidance on quick weight loss, with meal plans or workouts, my coaching program gives you both of these, plus support and continued guidance. Best of all, it's designed to be easy and life-changing.

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