What's Rush Limbaugh's Weight Loss Secret?

It seems the weight loss industry has been buzzing lately about Rush Limbaugh's weight loss. Who would have guess so many people were interested in how he's been able to lose weight quickly? For months, Rush would not tell his listeners how he was able to lose it so fast. To date, I believe he's lost something like 90 pounds!

There were a lot of speculators on the Internet giving their opinions on how he did it. Some said he was ill while others said he was on one of those starvation diets. Others thought he was under the care of one of those health and fitness Guru's.

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Well recently, Rush let us all in on how he did it. It was no secret at all. Apparently he used a program from Quick Weight Loss Centers. This program is similar to many on the market today from what I can tell. It's a program that gives you prepared meals. I've heard these advertised for a long time by different disc jockeys on the radio but have never tried them.

In Rush's case, he said that it was a very complex procedure and didn't want to go into the nuts and bolts of it. According to the Quick Weight Loss Center's website, they practice holistic plans along with a weight management plan. That's good, especially when it comes to keeping the weight off long term.

It's often been said that losing the excess weight is easy, it's the keeping it off over time that is hard. As someone who's been overweight, I can attest to that fact! So now that the World knows Rush Limbaugh's weight loss secret, I'm wondering what else they'll come up with to talk about!

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