Quick Weight Loss Tips For Women

If we can define a quick weight loss tip for women would that be in terms of days, a few weeks, or months?

If you are thinking in terms of days or even weeks, then I will ask you to stop this moment; then go to the kitchen and splash some ice cold water on your face and wake up and smell coffee woman. It is neither realistic nor healthy to follow a type of extreme diet to accomplish a noticeable or measurable body weight loss, period!

There are so many metabolic changes which take place in the intracellular levels which have a natural pace for them to adapt and change. In other words, it takes time and we are talking about 4-6 months to begin to see measurable changes in weight loss for women.

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I have trained many women and once in a while I confront some clients who say, "my goal is to lose weight and I am planning to lose about 23 pounds within the next 3-5 weeks." And my answer is this is, "you need then to run about 7 miles every day and sprint about 3 times/week and squeeze strength training into the middle of the day," and the unrealistic suggestions go on and on!

So before I provide you with quick weight loss tips that are realistic in terms of time, I want to say that you must teach yourself to set achievable weight loss goals or strength training goals that...

- Your body can tolerate

- The available time you can offer per day

- Understanding the training progression and body adaptation to continue losing excess body fat until you reach your goal.

- And other lifestyle components in order to succeed

Quick Weight Loss Tips

- Performing high metabolic exercises a few times a week. For example, if you want to exercise your legs for that particular day, then think of designing 3 to 4 exercises that will train your lower body, such as, jump rope, walking lunges, short running, and some type of abs exercise.

- Depending on how sensitive your body is to carbohydrates, you need to do damage control by lowering your intake methodically and observe what is your set point that works for you in terms of noticing losing weight.

Remember, for this to be effective you need to put in extra effort and performance to accelerate your results. So make sure you are psychologically and physically prepared for this, and you will be happy with your results.
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